Elite Power Wash - The Best Roof Washing Services in New York

Elite power wash specializes in soft washing for roofs. We restore and improve your property’s exterior with our professional work. Our most advanced soft washing solutions give a brand new appeal to your property. Be it residential roof cleaning or commercial, we cater to all kinds of properties. 

Impress your neighbors, clients, and everyone else who comes across your property with a dazzling home exterior. 

Trust The Experts

Roof cleaning is too complex a process to perform via DIY technique. Those rigid and horrid black stains won’t go away no matter how many YouTube tutorials you master at! Leave the job to the professionals who know their work best. We use soft washing for the roof to get rid of mold, moss, algae, and any other kind of dirt. Equipped with the most advanced tools and supplies, we scour every part of the roof, including the exterior gutter cleaning. For a thorough cleaning job, call Elite power wash.

Why Choose Elite Power Wash

Competent And Specialized Technicians

We perform a rigorous background check before we employ the personnel. We ensure we have the most competent and professional technicians who know their job well. We also conduct regular training programs to comply with the latest health and safety standards. Our comprehensive insurance and liability program further ensures safety, not just for our employees but the clients as well. Our commitment to safety and professionalism at work makes our clients happy and content.

Superior Customer Service

Elite power wash takes pride in its customer-centric approach. We are always approachable no matter at what hour the client wants to speak. We discuss the work schedule to ensure that the project paces according to the client's preference. We greatly value our client's time, property, and priorities. We align the project accordingly, achieving customer satisfaction.

Highest Quality Equipment

Soft washing for a roof is a highly technical job. To perform the task best we keep up with the latest techniques, equipment, and methodologies. We have robust truck-mounted pressure washers, effective detergents, algaecides, and other professional equipment. Not only that, we use eco-friendly products, ensuring that our service does not harm the environment. Our premium quality equipment assures the clients of the most professional roof washing services.

Reasonable Price

We offer the best service at the most affordable price. We offer free estimates to everyone. Our transparent pricing policy assures the customer that his hard-earned money is well-spent. Our flexible payment programs give the utmost convenience to the clients. Call us today and find about our different services and packages.

Areas We Serve

Roof cleaning in Huntington, NY

For roof pressure washing in Huntington call elite power wash. We are also the best commercial roof cleaners in Huntington.

Roof cleaning in Long Island

Elite power wash ranks as the best roof cleaning service provider in Long Island.

Roof pressure washing in New York

For the best roof cleaning in New York, call Elite power wash.